11th Wexford Artist’s Book Exhibition Back for 2013

Here’s something you might be interested in if you take part in our Spring Workshops at the Studio, ‘A Simple Fold-Up Album’ with John & Carol Pratt and ‘Six Hours, Eight Books’ with Sandra Landers.

11th Wexford Artist’s Book Exhibition Back for 2013After an 8 year absence from the scene -The 11th Wexford Artists’ Book Exhibition- one of the most user friendly and Artist friendly annuals will return in November 2013. The inaugural show will take place at the Denis Collins Gallery, on the Quays, Wexford.

The Previous Wexford shows ran for 10 consecutive years from 1995 -2005, and were very successful.
The New exhibition will feature “Contemporary Artist’s Books made by Irish makers over the last decade. “There will also be a small invited selection of International makers in the exhibition. Most of the work will be for sale. What makes this show unique is that all the books are made by contemporary makers will be available to be handled. The Books follow no theme from a curatorial point of view and the submission is open- so there is no selection.

The only criteria are that the works will all have been made in the past decade. Also the books will have a strong Irish connection- e.g. Made by people who are Irish/ or were or have been living in Ireland. The books will go on show in the Denis Collins Gallery in November for two weeks and will then tour to other venues.

Anyone wishing to participate can register at Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WexfordArtistsBookExhibition

Information thanks to  www.visualartists.ie

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