Etching – Autumn/ Winter 2013

Etching Workshops

Etching classes for beginners and intermediates will take place at our John Street workshop in Dingle. Niall Naessens will cover all basic etching techniques from plate making to printing.


Winter classes will run from October 2 until December 11 on Wednesdays, ten three hour sessions  with a mid-term week off to coincide with schools. There is a choice of 2.30pm. to 5.30pm. or 6.00pm to 9.00pm.
The cost of the workshops this year will be € 250 for the ten sessions. This will include class fee and €30 for the provision of materials including ink, quality etching paper and copper.
An advanced workshop in multi plate colour etching and editioning can be organised for etchers who have already taken number of classes over the last couple of years. Please express your interest in such work shops to Niall (contact details below). Perhaps a few 5 hour sessions ?

Information and booking contact:
You can also book at our studio on John Street, Dingle on Culture Night next Friday 20th sept, we’ll be open from 8.oopm until midnight.

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